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When Bill woke up that morning, he was strangely calm. No worries, no fears, nothing came to disturb him from this feeling of perfect bliss. He kept his eyelids shut for some perfect silent minutes, listening to the faint sound of the waves outside. They might have left a window open the night before, for he could hear it rather clearly. He was smiling peacefully. It was their first morning here, at their little Cottage by the sea…

He slowly opened his eyes, turning to the beautiful figure that lay beside him. His wife… Just this thought made him feel an odd sensation in his stomach. She was his wife now. Her, Mrs. Fleur Weasley… Her, so perfectly pretty, his wife, to him, poor and disfigured. He still couldn't believe his luck, as he kept on watching her sleep. Not that she had had a crush on him in the first place, he was self-assured enough to believe in the charm he had, back then. No, his real luck was that she was still with him, that she married him even with everything that had happened, and was to happen, even with his awful scars. He felt so grateful at this very moment.

A ray of sun was now playing on Fleur's delicate face, shining in her white gold hair. How beautiful she could be, right now… Here she seemed to be at ease, so relaxed that she slept like a baby, her thin lips slightly open. Bill could easily understand why. The place was quiet, lulled by the soft sound of the sea, even the light was clear and didn't blind you. The Cottage was small but already felt comfortable, already felt like home.

Fleur had always said that she wanted to live by the sea. She said that, when she was little, she went every summer to a house her grandparents had in the South of the Atlantic French coast, and that she loved it more than any place she'd ever knew. And Bill easily admitted that her choice was good. He instantly fell in love with the place, when they first came to visit it. The smell of the sea, the feeling around here, the astounding landscape, he loved it all. And he loved it because she did, because here she was feeling good, here she was happy. And that's all he wanted for her.

The wizard passed a gentle hand through his wife's long hair. It was just as smooth as the sand of the beach out there, and with the same pale golden color. Her white skin reminded him of the round pebbles he had made a huge heart with the day before, as they were strolling around together. Her white teeth, showing between her parted lips, were like the pieces of shells that could be found everywhere here, and those very lips, when he kissed them in this place, had the salty taste of the foam.

Oh yes, they'd be happy here. Even with all the dark events going on… Right now, Bill couldn't think that they wouldn't end, that the Dark Lord wouldn't be defeated. He had to, they had to win. Because otherwise, how could the wonderful thing Fleur whispered the day before happen ? She has thought aloud, but just the very memory of what she had said made Bill's heart beat faster. When she said it, she was walking on the beach, looking at the dunes, and muttered : "Kids would have a lot of room to play out here, in the future".

Remembering what he had felt at that moment, Bill couldn't help but kissing her tenderly. He felt her smile against his lips, as she opened her splendid eyes, as blue as the sea, and just as breathtaking.
Here's something I wrote for the 100 Themes Challenge at :iconweasleyfanclub:
The prompt was "Ocean"... Here's what came out, dear Bill's thought as he wakes up for the first time in the Shell Cottage :3
Hope you'll like it !!

(Comments > All :heart:)

If anyone feels like illustrating it... :D Because I have so much to do these days, I don't think I'll do it, not now anyway, maybe in some weeks/months... xD

You may also check my tumblr ! :3 here : [link]

Bye guys :heart:
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